The Job Hunt Blueprint


This self-paced guide will take you step-by-step to plan and execute a job hunt from start to finish so you can showcase your unique brilliance to prospective employers and move to the top of the interview list. You will learn about:
  • The components of a customized career path and how to plan one
  • The optimum intersection of talent and passion that can help you to level up your career
  • How to identify the solutions your market really, really needs
  • How to build a customization playbook for your job hunt
  • The blueprint for a tailored resume and curated portfolio of work
  • The secret words that are a must-have for every application package
  • The best options for building and hosting an ePortfolio
  • How to prepare for a face-to-face, video, or phone interview
  • Which questions to ask to know if this is the right job for you
  • How to negotiate effectively